React Native Matsuri 2021

React Native Matsuri 2021

2021.10.02 @Online

2021, the first technology conference to be held in Japan with React Native as the main theme.There will be sessions and panel discussions by developers with deep knowledge of React Native and React.


Event Summary

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Date & Time2021/10/02(Sat) 10:00~20:00
Membership feeFree
TalkDay Session Talk (20-30min) Night Session LT (10min)


Day Session Talk(invitation)

Date & Time2021/10/02(Sat) 10:00~18:00
LanguageJapanese / English
Talk timeDay Session 20-30min
Delivery formatLive Streaming(in Japanese), Pre-recording (in English)
ThemeMust be React Native or React related.

Night Session LT Speaker

Date & Time2021/10/02(Sat) 18:00~20:00
Talk timeNight Session 10min LT
Delivery formatLive Streaming
ThemeMust be React Native or React related.

Schedule for the screening and publication of the adoption results: Screening will begin around July, and the adoption results will be published in early August.

React Native Matsuri 2021 Night Session LT speaker slots are open to the public. Please apply and only those who are selected will be allowed to speak.

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